Why Birmingham

Why Birmingham? Because we try harder to make your life easier. Hospitable. Accessible. Affordable. Diverse. We’re open for business and excited to make your experience great.

Why Birmingham? We can be your City. And within twenty minutes from the heart of downtown, we can be your small town, suburbia, college campus, farmland, lakeside, forest, or mountains.

Why Birmingham? We don’t really want to brag, so we’ll let others do that for us…

“You were able to show us some of the most incredible locations your city had to offer. Our time filming there was nothing short of magical. When we needed help and answers, you were always a visit or a phone call away.” 
James Quattrochi, Producer, Let There Be Light (2017)

“I’m so glad we landed in Birmingham. Not only did we benefit from an excellent pool of local production resources and personnel, but there was a prevailing spirit of cooperation in the community that became an invaluable asset.” 
Ken Carpenter, Producer, Run the Race (2017)

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