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    February 28th, 2018

    Joi Tribble, the Sidewalk Shorts Program Director, will be celebrating her twelfth year as part of the Sidewalk Film Festival team in 2018, along with the Festival’s 20th anniversary. The Birmingham native and Samford University graduate, who is already hard at work screening short film submissions with her colleagues, shared her insights on the selection process and Sidewalk’s role in the community with Create Birmingham this week. How long have you been volunteering with Sidewalk?…

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  • MEET THE FILMMAKERS: Kelsey Harrison

    September 7th, 2017

    As a graduate of the Alabama School of Fine Arts, Kelsey Harrison has merged her background in visual art with her passion for storytelling. In addition to creating short films, she is a producer for Southern Living at Time Inc. You have always had a focus on visual arts; how did you get involved in film? I went to the Alabama School of Fine Arts. I did drawing, and painting, and fine visual art for six…

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  • MEET THE FILM COMMUNITY: Stephen Preston

    August 17th, 2017

    Stephen Preston is CEO of Red Sky Studios. He spends his days finding new and innovative ways to tell stories and use modern technology to its fullest. Making complex things simple is where he really has a lot of fun. Your personal area of production expertise is sound. How did you get started? Growing up in North Carolina, we had a family band that traveled around. My brothers and sister all played instruments or sang,…

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    August 9th, 2017

    Rachel Morgan is the Creative Director & Lead Programmer for Sidewalk Film Festival as well as an instructor in the film department at Lawson State Community College. She and her programming team worked tirelessly to bring more than 250 films to the festival this year. You’ve been working with Sidewalk Film Festival for more than a decade. What changes have you seen in the festival programming? I am in my eleventh year with Sidewalk and prior to being…

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  • MEET THE FILM MAKERS: Logan Freeman

    June 9th, 2016

    “What I am hoping I can do as someone who has left, and has come back, and is making a film here, is to make the world bigger for Birmingham – changing the perception of Birmingham on a world stage.”

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  • MEET THE FILM COMMUNITY: Sidewalk Film Festival

    April 21st, 2016

    “Our organization’s commitment to downtown Birmingham and the theatre district has been in place since day one and we’re so happy that our annual event in the district has inspired people to believe in the viability of area.”

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