Film Birmingham happily serves all members of the Birmingham Film Community. To remain impartial to all members of the community, we leave all acting or casting decisions to the production or individual companies that are more involved in developing talent.

Below we have listed some helpful resources for aspiring actors!

Birmingham Casting is a full service casting office in Birmingham, AL. Birmingham Casting is a very well connected entity in the Birmingham community who regularly posts casting calls for aspiring talent.

Mixed Company is a South Eastern screen acting collective based in Birmingham AL. The collective hosts monthly meetups and workshops where actors can learn from industry professionals. 

Goleman Casting began in 2013, as an extras casting company in Mobile, Alabama, but has expanded to include overall casting, local/regional casting, and background/extras casting, and many other services.

Real People Models & Talent, a Division of Kiddin’ Around of Alabama, Inc., is located in Birmingham, AL, USA.   They are a full service professional talent agency specializing in Broadcast Commercials,

Want to be in a movie? Live in or around Birmingham, Alabama? If so, you’ve found the right place.

Acting out academy teaches acting for Film and T.V., heavily emphasizing audition technique and interview skills (because you can be the best actor in the world, but if you can’t audition, you won’t work). 

Red Models & Talent is a Birmingham based model and talent agency. Our goal is to book our models, talent, actors, voice over talent, actresses, trade show models, and kids on well paying professional assignments.

Film Birmingham does not make casting decisions.

Film Birmingham primarily works to assist productions, but we do not make any creative decisions regarding the vision or casting of the Film. We serve as an entity to keep the community happy, support the local government in its film needs, and uplift the film community. As we serve as a non-profit, our core values are to support all members of the film community equally therefore, we stray away from any crew or cast hiring while and do not tamper with the creative vision of our great productions who choose to film in Birmingham. We are happy to support all members of the Film Community impartially therefore, we leave casting to the production themselves or companies who specialize in talent acquisition. 

Reaching out to the acting community!

Film has been known to be an industry that is about “who you know,” so be sure to reach out to our provided links and network to be in the know! We host quarterly filmmaking meetups and many workshops, so the film community has plenty of chances to network and grow!

You can find more information on becoming an extra and what to expect while on set here.

In the past, there would be a casting call sent out then actors and agents would send in headshots that match a description included in the casting call. Next, a casting director would call for the auditions based on the applications and actors would read a few lines for the part.

More recently, Casting calls will be sent out then actors and agents will record themselves reading a part of the script that is included in the casting call. Because things are mostly done virtually, It would not be unusual for actors to read off their name, age, and location. Also, casting directors could also ask for more than one take with different moods for a part. 

Both processes still are used today so as an aspiring actor you must be ready for both! Be sure to take time with the acting community to hone your skills to put your best foot forward in the audition!

Usually, if the movie has fully cast and hired all crew members, then the window for opportunity is closed. Sometimes if you keep you keep your ear to the ground, there may be an opening during production for you to claim a role or crew position, but it is not guaranteed. We have seen productions that have lost crew members or simply need more capacity for certain scenes, for which they bring on extra crew. 

Fortunately, there will always be another movie! There will always be an opportunity for your introduction to the film industry, so it may take some patience, but if you stay well-connected and get a jump on things early for the next film, you will get your shot!