Community FAQS

Our office is not involved in the actual production or funding of films. But we’d be happy to assist you with finding locations, production resources, contact information, or whatever information you need to get your project off the ground.

Film Birmingham can assist in gaining permission to shoot at city and county sites, provide information on road closure procedures. We are happy to help advise you on locations in the region. However, many locations registered with our office will only allow filmmaking on their premises with a location fee and production insurance that professional companies will provide. Location choices may be more limited for student filmmakers without a locations budget. We are proud of the film programs in our region and make every effort, time permitting, to assist their productions.

This is beyond the scope of services that Film Birmingham is able to provide. However, there are several books and websites that can show you how to properly market a script. As a first step, check out the Writers Guild of America.

There are many local classes offered for acting. It’s best, if you have no experience, to first take lessons or try acting for regional theaters. Our office does not function as a casting agency and does not list or promote any actors, extras, or background artists. We do, however, list casting calls on our News section and on our Facebook page. We suggest reaching out to casting agents in our region for representation.

When a production company comes to town, they will set up a production office and hire an extras casting coordinator.  You can check our website for information on upcoming casting opportunities and calls for extras. If contact information is not provided, it is because the production has not opened an office or has not yet allowed the release of that information.

Unfortunately, we cannot. Film Birmingham is bound by confidentiality agreements that prevent us from releasing this type of information.

Actors, directors, and producers are EXTREMELY busy when shooting on location in Birmingham. If you are a member of the media seeking an interview, you may contact Film Birmingham by calling 205-458-1394 or emailing Jessica Moody to go through the proper channels.

If you have worked on at least ONE paid, professional feature film, television show or series, news program, or commercial you can register for our Crew & Services Directory and list your resume on our Reel-Scout database. We also list crew calls in the News and Opportunities section of our website as productions allow.

Some production companies are willing to hire someone with little to no experience as production assistants. Many production companies will reach out to local film programs within the region’s universities, colleges, and community colleges seeking out interns for projects.

Other great ways to find production jobs include
• Facebook pages like… Create Birmingham and Alabama Filmmakers

Thank you for your interest in listing with the film office. We use Reel-Scout, a digital film library, to host listings of our area’s film-friendly locations. You can register your location on our database. We rely on individuals to cooperate with filmmakers as these production companies come to the region and hire many locals and spend money on a myriad of businesses. Professional film production companies will pay to rent homes, businesses, and other locations.

Please take exterior shots of your home, business, or property including:

  • a shot of the front of the property.
  • a shot from the front of the property towards the front yard and the same with the backside of the property.
  • all property, including interior shots if it’s a business establishment or home (often best taken with a wide lens from opposite corners of a room).
  • any other interesting shots of and around the property.