Morris Ave

Metered Parking Reservation

Metered Parking bags are $20 per five spots per day or a weekly rate of $90 per five spots. We define a day as 8:00 am – 8:00 pm, and we define a week as a seven-day period. Reservations must be made at least three days prior to the shoot. You do not have to pay the meter fee once reservations have been confirmed and parking meter bags are properly displayed.

Parking meter bags can be collected at the Film Birmingham Office, 310 18th St. North and must be returned within 48 hours after the last day of use. Registrants will be charged $50 for each lost or stolen parking meter bag(s) and must leave a check or credit card on file at the time of rental.

All dates and meters must be clearly identified at the time of rental. Any locations not accurately specified will not be considered valid and will be liable to ticketing. Metered parking reservation location changes must be reported and approved 24 hours prior to the shoot. A copy of your submission form will be emailed to you with an accurate total. Please make sure all information is correct.