LIVE! Street Closures

June 15th, 2018

Street Closures

Below is an updated list of street closures associated with the filming of LIVE! This post will be updated daily by 5:00 pm. Check back regularly for updates. This list is intended for rerouting your commute and avoiding traffic jams. Please be aware that this film is a closed set and you will not be able to participate by just showing up. 


LIVE! has completed filming.


14 Responses

  1. Linda Fryer says:

    Please do not close Morris Avenue on Wednesday, May 16, 2018. My colleague and I are conducting a tour of Birmingham aboard two different Bilbrey Tours motorcoaches. We are taking the group to The Original Peanut Place in the morning after Mr. Cassimus opens at 9:30. I will check the schedule to see which other streets will be closed. I am glad for the film to be made in Birmingham and the daily road closings will be an asset.

    • Jessica Moody says:

      Hey Linda,
      Our office isn’t in charge of the street closures for the film. We are just posting them for the community. I don’t have their confirmed details for Wednesday, but I don’t think Morris is in their plans for the 16th.

      • Linda Fryer says:

        Thanks, Jessica Moody for responding. Isn’t it great that yet another movie is being made in The Magic City! Hurrah! Thankfully, our two motorcoaches totally around 80 people will get to enjoy the delicious peanuts at the Original Peanut Place!

    • Nancy Haddox, Bilbrey Tours says:

      Linda, I’m just seeing this post, but thanks for being so conscientious in regards to conducting the city tour for our group when we were in Birmingham. Connie said you did a fantastic job as the step-on guide!!

  2. I see you guys have everything in order. Keep up the good work.

  3. Lisa Stracner says:

    Can anyone come and watch the filming of Live. I would love to come and watch how making a film is done. I think it would be very interesting and fun to watch.

    • Jessica Moody says:

      Hey Liz, While you can watch from the street in several areas, the set is a closed set so you won’t be able to get very close.

  4. AnnD. says:

    It would be incredibly helpful to have an actual map that shows these closures. Is there anywhere that may have that posted? Thank you for providing this much info though.

  5. Maureen Davis says:

    While we are delighted that a movie is being filmed right here in Birmingham, I would like to make a suggestion on behalf of myself and my co-workers. It would be nice if office workers were allowed access to their offices and (their own private) parking lots on streets that are closed for filming on any given day. Our office is on 3rd Avenue N. and the other day, a couple of us were forced to park a couple of blocks away and pay parking meters. It would be nice if considerations were made for situations like this. Respectfully submitted. 🙂

    • Downtown Resident says:

      Businesses are give a 1-2 week heads up that roads will be closed. The letter they receive has personal cell phone numbers of people in charge for your company to call and work something out with them. The location guys are super nice and willing to work with everyone… they just have to know there is a need for that. You might need to talk to your employer/person in charge of where you park and express that they need to do that going forward. My offices parking lot was going to be blocked off and we called and were able to work something out with them so it worked for everyone!

      • Maureen Davis says:

        Just now, JUST NOW, I received notice that my street will be blocked off completely tomorrow, June 15th. That is not a 1-2 week heads up!! All I know right now is that I do not have access to my parking lot for work and I do not know where to park. This is exactly what I was talking about in my original post.